Can hair loss occur due to stress?

I have noticed that there is a remarkable amount of hair on my pillow in the mornings, in my shower drain, on my brush and on my clothes. I am going through a very difficult emotional experience and am not surprised that my body is showing signs of my being a little out of sorts. I have long hair and, as my hairdressers have always commented, I have a lot of hair. Of that I am lucky but I also know, because of that, what it's like to lose hair. My hair is usually everywhere! But this isn't like that now. I know I am going through a stressful time so I want to be extra careful. What should I do if I feel this hair loss is due to stress?

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Yes, stress can cause hair loss.  One effective treatment is Platelet Rich Plasma injections which can stimulate hair follicles.

Hair loss due to stress can definitely happen.  Some even experience alopecia (baldness in parts or in whole).