Can a hernia come back because diastasis recti was not repaired?

I have had six children and I am a very active, fairly fit 40 year old mom. I had hernia repair surgery the summer of 2017. My hernia seems to be back in full force. I was not even aware diastasis recti was a thing until a friend took a look at my ailing belly and told me she is absolutely positive that I am experiencing it. Has my hernia come back due to this? Did my provider fail me by not telling me about the diastasis recti? What are my options moving forward? I am not vain, but my youngest is a toddler and I need to take great care of my body so it works well for many years to come. Can anybody help me? Do these sorts of procedures cost an arm and a leg? As a widow, my budget doesn't cover much of anything for myself, but my friend said some providers would see this as medical, not cosmetic and maybe work a payment plan for that true? 


F, 41, Missouri

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