Can I book a BA procedure during my first consultation?

Do most doctors let you schedule a procedure, like Breast Augmentation, after your first consultation? I want to move forward as soon as possible, and based on what I’ve read online, it seems I am a good candidate for surgery. So I definitely don't want to wait longer than I have to!


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Absolutely!   Most practices allow a patient to book right after a consultation.  There is usually a deposit requited to book your surgery.  In my office it is $250, but it is not uncommon for that deposit to be as high as $500.  Before you book your surgery, make sure you are comfortable with your surgeon and that you are both on the same page as far as the expected outcome of your procedure.  Also important is to make sure that your surgeon is board certified.    Good luck!

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Thanks for the question. Absolutely, most plastic surgeons (including our practice) allow booking right after the initial consultation but you usually have to pay a deposit to secure the date and time. The deposit ranges but it is common for most practices and facilities to ask for $500. Before you schedule, it may be a good idea to get a couple of opinions and explore your options both locally and around the country. Pricing can vary but so can quality, and considerably! At our practice we use digital tools (Zwivel, Skype, RealSelf, an electronic medical record consultation education tool I developed, and Crisalix simulation software) to engage with our prospective patients and educate them on possible results. We also use digital apps to keep our patients engaged during postoperative followup. 

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