Can I buy Juvederm online?

There are several websites pretending to sell original hyaluronic acid fillers. Can ordinary people order Juvederm online? How would I know if the substance they're selling is real or fake?


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Allergan's Juvederm, Juvederm Ultra, Ultra Plus and other injectable cosmetic fillers are regulated products to be used only by licensed medical professionals.


Injecting any filler into your skin on your own can be dangerous. The consequences of injecting fillers incorrectly include bumps, irregular skin texture, bruising, swelling, and the potential danger of injecting the filler into a vein. Board-certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons are trained in injection techniques and understand the risks involved. Please do not attempt self-treatment with any regulated product.

While you may find an online seller selling Juvederm or other dermal fillers internationally please keep in mind that there’s a reason the substance is regulated in the USA and requires a medical license to purchase.

The potential for harm and serious bruising is high. Only visit a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon if you’re considering injecting anything into your skin - including Botox. Using this product on your own is extremely dangerous.

Juvederm is regulated by the FDA as a medical device intended for injection by medical professionals.  As such, any authorized seller is not allowed to sell it to anyone who is not properly licensed to use it.  Any outfit that would sell Juvederm online (or offline) to non-professionals is running an illegal racket (and they know it), but often they skirt the law by shipping from outside the US.  There have been cases of infection (and even death) reported with the use of counterfeit cosmetic injections.

I assume you're concerned about cost, if you're looking to buy these medications online.  Your health is more important.  It's better not to have the injection at all than to have it through illegal or shady means.  

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I have to strongly advise you against buying Juvederm products online. Legally, the manufacturer of Juvederm, Allergan, is only allowed to sell Juvederm products to licensed medical professionals. This means that if you find someone selling Juvederm online, they are either breaking the law by selling legitimate Juvederm to individuals without a medical license, or they are selling you counterfeit products. Hopefully it goes without saying that you would be putting yourself at significant risk in both cases.

Looking beyond the legal aspect of buying Juvederm online, there are enormous risks involved with attempting to self-administer hyaluronic acid fillers. This is a complex procedure that requires a comprehensive understanding of the human body and the potential complications of the treatment. Getting it wrong could cause severe health problems that have far-reaching consequences on your health, appearance, and other aspects of your life. For example, if you happen to inject the filler into a blood vessel, you could give yourself skin necrosis (tissue death), or lose feeling in that part of your face. It could also cause blindness or induce a stroke –- and this is all assuming you’re actually getting real Juvederm!

I mention this because there’s a very good chance that the products you see online are not genuine, FDA-approved Juvederm products. At best, they may simply be ineffective and a waste of money; at worst, they could contain dangerous compounds that cause irreversible damage to your face as well as your overall health and wellbeing. There are a number of studies that show medicines sold on the black market often do not contain the same active compounds as their genuine counterparts, which means there’s no way of knowing what you’re actually injecting yourself with.

As you can see, there are many risks associated with self-administering black market dermal fillers. For your own safety, please do not inject yourself with Juvederm products that you purchase online.

I have had many patients come to my office after buying products online from what they believe are trusted retailers, but invariably products that are sold exclusively to licensed medical professionals are never the real product they think they are buying. Not to mention, the product could be expired with a falsified/silk screened new expiration date or contain harmful, untested ingredients.


If you use a product from an online retailer that should only be sold to medical professionals via appropriate channels, who do you send your complaint to? Who would be liable for temporary or permanent damage to your skin, or worse, internally? The sad reality is that the fronts used as “trusted” retailers can easily disappear and open shop as a new retailer without anyone being the wiser. Which also means patients would be left with potentially life-threatening complications and providers without any clue what could have been injected (in the case of a supposed Juvederm hyaluronic acid dermal filler injection), ingested, or applied. I can assure you that no licensed medical professional would ever want to inject a product bought online and brought into their office without knowing it came directly through a trusted, verified channel of a pharmaceutical company, like Allergan. Rigorous, long-term, and expensive FDA testing is required for all pharmaceuticals in the United States and the stamp of FDA approval provides patients and medical professionals with trust in its safety.


If you’re interested in cosmetic treatments with dermal fillers for smile lines (aka nasolabial folds), under eye hollows (aka infraorbital hollows), or even deep facial wrinkles the key properties between fillers matters based on how much volume is needed and an injector’s preferences. This is not something anyone can just start injecting into their faces. Years of training is required to understand how to properly approach dermal fillers, as well as neurotoxins like Botox, and cannot be a skill picked up with a few compelling how-to YouTube videos.

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Juvederm is an FDA approved injectable filler. It is not for home use. You should never attempt to inject Juvederm or any other dermal fillers like Restylane on your own.

Juvederm products are injectable forms of hyaluronic acid which can help fill-in and conceal facial wrinkles.

Dermal fillers should only be injected into the dermis by professionals who have an understanding of dermatology and are skilled in injection techniques.

Improper or home use of Juvederm can be dangerous -- plus there’s a very good chance you’ll achieve less-than-beautiful results. Please seek the services of a qualified injector and never attempt self-care with any injectable dermal filler.

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You should NEVER buy Juvederm online.  Juvederm should ONLY be administered by a licensed physician or health care provider (nurse, PA) who is is overseen by a physician and is trained, certified, and qualified to perform the injection. 

NO it is a product that has to be dispensed by a physician in the United States.  I would not purchase any Juvederm on line.


  Absolutely not, be very careful. These products can only be sold to physician offices and can be extremely harmful if not injected under the direct supervision of properly trained physicians.