Can I do normal exercise after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I’ve been thinking a lot about getting a Brazilian Butt Lift. If I go through with it, will I be able to return to normal exercise or will I be restricted to special routine? If I’m spending the money, I want to make sure I don’t do anything afterwards that could impact the effects of the surgery.


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The idea that diet and exercise compromise the results of a Brazilian butt lift is a myth. You will able to go back to your pre-Brazilian butt lift workout regimen and not be required to follow a special routine.

The fat that is moved to the buttocks is a graft. Grafts don’t just go away on their own. While some of the fat will be reabsorbed by the body, this is not related to your exercise program. The fat that is not reabsorbed will have a stable blood supply and will be there for the long haul.

However, what diet and vigorous exercise will do is reduce the size of the fat cells. They are like balloons that expand and contract depending on weight gain and loss. But again the actual number of fat cells will not change, regardless of how much exercise you do. Fat loss resulting from cardio training or dieting may reduce the size of the buttocks, but any reduction will be proportional to loss in other areas of the body.

While exercising after your Brazilian butt lift is encouraged, you should keep it to home workouts and avoid vigorous exercise for about three months. This allows the fat cells to heal and settle in. After three months you can slowly begin to build up your regimen. Once you reach your max, the muscle that is built may increase the size of your buttocks.

A good post Brazilian butt lifting workout could include exercises such as lunges, squats and other exercises that build up the buttocks. Also, don’t focus solely on the buttocks and work evenly on each side of your body. Make sure to include exercises that strengthen your core as well as your legs through exercises that strengthen both your right and left knees.

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While it is important to wait about six weeks before returning to your normal exercise routine, exercising the glute muscles after a Brazilian butt lift does not adversely affect the outcome of the procedure. In fact, a workout program that includes butt exercises will only enhance the results of your BBL procedure. The increased size of the muscles produced by your butt workout will push the grafted fat outward, which will produce more projection and will enhance the shape of the buttocks.

Make sure that your post-BBL workout regimen includes exercises to shape the entire lower body, including the inner and outer thighs. Running is a great way to achieve this while also working out your glutes and improving your overall health. Uphill running in particular helps isolate these areas. Squats are another great way to enhance your results. Plus, your regimen should also include some weightlifting to address the upper body.

Your workouts will not cause you to lose fat; the fat cells simply become smaller. If you regain weight, the fat cells will become bigger. But be careful not to overdo it. Assuming you followed a healthy, moderate exercise program prior to your BBL procedure, your plastic surgeon will most likely advise you to continue this program.

Once you have healed from the procedure, your results should last indefinitely. This does not mean that you will never gain or lose weight again, but the overall shape of your buttocks should remain. A post Brazilian butt workout to exercise your glutes will only enhance the outcome and your health as a whole.

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It is best to wait until six weeks after your Brazilian butt lift (BBL) before returning to your normal exercise routine. However, the exercise program itself should not affect the results. Any fat lost through your workout routine will be proportional; weight loss after Brazilian butt lift will not cause the fat grafted to the buttocks to go away more so than any other area of the body.

Most of our patients can resume normal exercise around 4-6 weeks after BBL.

sure! You can resume all exercises in 4-6 weeks. I often ask my patients to increase their "gluteal" building regimen like"donkey Kicks" and lunges, however.

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 You need to avoid any exercise for six weeks after a Brazilian butt lift.  This should allow adequate time for fat cells to integrate into thei new position. 

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After extensive experience with BBL in Miami, we are bringing those techniques to additional markets including southern California. The key to BBL is this: you need to have enough donor site fat, good overall skin quality, reasonable expectations, and a body mass index that is within a safe and appropriate range in order to optimize safety. Whatever you do, PLEASE do not just make your decision on price. There are "factory-style" facilities that promise results at low prices but also have had some very high profile problems with patient safety. 

As to your specific question, usually exercise is restricted in the first 3-4 weeks, with particular care paid to avoiding excess pressure on the buttocks (no sitting for 10 days except to toilet and eat, for instance), use of special pillows, etc. However, in the LONG run, you should be able to do ANY exercises you want once fully healed (usually after several months).

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Hope this helps. We are also active on Instagram educating patients about BBL and other procedures. Do your homework. Look for board certified plastic surgeons (American Board of Plastic Surgery) working in facilities OWNED AND OPERATED BY PLASTIC SURGEONS. We work in partnership with one in Miami on a select basis, in addition to our California offices, where patient safety is absolutely our highest concern.

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After a brazilian buttocks lift most patients can resume exercise after approximately 1 month.

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