Can I fix My high Nipples after a breast reduction?

My nipples are high. And not in the medicinal sense, in the physical sense. My nipples look like someone’s eyes that are looking straight up at the ceiling. I recently had a breast reduction and these darn things just wont settle down. What can I do to fix my high nipples?


F, 37, New York

Sometimes plastic surgery requires more than one procedure to achieve optimal results.

A potential complication that can occur after breast reduction, breast lift or breast augmentation surgery are unnaturally high nipples. This deformity may be visible immediately after surgery if the procedure was not planned adequately, or it may appear several months after the surgery due to the downward migration of the breast tissue or implant as a result of gravity, leaving the nipples at a higher location. As a general guide, a natural location for nipples is at the level of mid-arm and slightly above the fold under the breast.

In some cases, the nipple position may lower as the breasts settle into their new shape and any remaining swelling subsides following surgery. You can wait for several months to see if your breast shape and nipple location changes as your body heals from surgery.

If, however, you note little change once you have fully recovered, there are several surgical techniques that can be used to correct this issue.

Your plastic surgeon will need to first examine the specifics of your case to determine the reasons for your high nipples before performing the breast revision surgery. One popular method of correction is to remove additional or excess tissue along the lower poles of the breast. This may be necessary if the breasts "bottom out”, where the breast skin is lax or has stretched, and the breast tissue sinks leaving too much tissue in the lower part of the breast.

Removing extra tissue from the bottom helps to center the nipple/areola complex on the breast mound so they no longer rotate upward. When performed correctly, it can also increase the fullness above the areola and reduce the distance between the breast fold and the nipples. This revision procedure does, however, necessitate a modest reduction in your breast size in order to relocate the nipples to a more natural position.

Another possible technique to correct unnaturally high nipples is a revision vertical breast reduction. In this procedure, the breast tissue is reshaped and repositioned internally to provide a more balanced shape and more natural nipple position. Relocating the nipples themselves is rarely an option offered by plastic surgeons as it is complicated and can leave visible scars.

Regardless of what you decide, seek a board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise in performing breast revision surgery to correct high nipples. Finding a surgeon who regularly performs breast revision procedures increases the likelihood that the cause of the high nipples will be identified and the most appropriate surgical technique to address the problem will be selected. This will help to ensure you get the aesthetically beautiful results you deserve.

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Obviously an examination is needed.  That said you may need a revision to create more upper pole fullness and bring the nipples down by removing more skin along the inframmary crease while tightening the breast vertically 

Dr Corbin

Dear maitreyi:

There are many reasons why this may have occurred but you will need to consult with your primary breast surgeon or choose a new evaluation by a well experienced and talented Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for further reduction of the inferior breast volume or augmentation of the upper pole with an implant or fat and revision of the breast scars. I wish you the best!


Dean Kane, MD, FACS