Can I fix my saggy boobs with a breast lift?

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My boobs have acted like car tires that are just slowly deflating over the past 10 years. Needless to say, I am ready to do something about it. Can I fix my saggy boobs with just a lift? Or does a lift only help with perkiness and not volume? I definitely need volume and an improvement in perkiness. What are best options?


F, 40, Iowa

You would probably need a combination of augmentation (implant) and lift. They can be done at the same time but only by experienced plastic surgeons. One of the master plastic surgeon professors used to say that the combined procedure "is not for beginners". Look for a board certified plastic surgeon with a lot of breast experience and talk to them about your goals. Sometimes a well done augmentation can partially lift the breast and lead to smaller lifting incisions.

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Thank you for the question and from your description you would clearly benefit from a liftvwith an augmentation.  So go on some consults and be evaluated!

Dr Corbin

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