Can I get autologous breast reconstruction?

I had a mastectomy on my left breast almost two years ago and I'm finally ready for reconstruction. I want to have an autologous breast reconstruction because it feels safer and more natural if the breast is reconstructed using my own tissue. Is there any reason why I might not be eligible for autologous reconstruction? I really don't want to use implants and I'm scared to find out that might be the only option for me.


F, 44, New York

Tags:woman age 35-44 mastectomy

Hi. Autologous breast reconstruction is a great option.  There are some reasons why someone might not be a candidate for this procedure, like if you are a smoker, or if you have had a previous tummy tuck, and if you have any major medical problems.  But, for most women who are in reasonably good health, this is a great way to have breast reconstruction.  You should consult with a PS who SPECIALIZES in autologous reconstruction, since not all PSs do this operation well.  Best of luck!

Autologous reconstruction is an excellent option for breast reconstruction.  It most commonly involves reconstructing the breasts with tissue from the abdomen, and less commonly from the buttocks, inner thighs, posterior thighs, or upper back.  You must have sufficient tissue from the donor area for autologous reconstruction, so if you are very thin you are likely not a good candidate.  These operations also tend to be longer, so to be a good candidate you must be otherwise in good health.  I highly recommend you consult with a skilled plastic surgeon with extensive experience in all different types of breast reconstruction.