Can I get a better hairline from a hair transplant?

Can I get a better hairline from a hair transplant, submitted image.

Is it possible that a hair transplant could provide me with a better hairline than my original one? Not only was my hairline already receded but my face is already big enough and the ever-disappearing hairline makes it so much worse. So much worse. My face is such that it could manage a better hairline. I'd love the opportunity to try that if it is a viable option.


M, 37, Oregon

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Yes. While most patients tend to think of hair transplant surgery to fix a receding hairline, it's absolutely possible to adjust an original hairline that you aren't happy with using other means.

If you have a naturally high hairline or an asymmetric hairline -- a surgical transplant procedure can correct those issues.

The critical aspect of hair transplantation surgery is finding a hair transplant surgeon who has good aesthetic sensibility.

Multiple aesthetic decisions need to be made before and during the surgery -- including the texture, density and shape of the hairline. What thickness of hair shafts need to be harvested, and how to position them for the most natural results.

Additionally, your hair transplant surgeon will help you decide the new shape of your hairline and how much your new hairline needs to move forward for an aesthetically pleasing effect.

If you have any questions about which specific techniques would be best for you, please schedule a preliminary consultation so we can discuss the available options in greater detail.

Great question. The hairline is one of the first places that we notice hair loss. And non-surgical hair growth products like Rogaine (minoxidil), Propecia, tea tree oil and natural methods are typically ineffective at restoring the hairline.

While pharmaceutical hair loss remedies can be very effective for stimulating new hair growth higher on the scalp, they simply aren't effective hairline treatments.

Surgical hair transplant procedures are your best bet for rebuilding, or creating a new hairline. A skilled hair transplant surgeon can create a natural-looking -- or improves your original hairline.

Transplantation can be a difficult process because hair follicles need to be carefully positioned in order to create a natural result. There is no one-size-fits all for every patient.

A hair transplant surgeon needs to take aesthetic factors into account, particularly if reshaping a hairline. The new position and shape of the hairline must take facial skeletal anatomy into account. And careful attention must be paid to the density of the follicle distribution in order to look like natural hair.

I encourage you to schedule a personal consultation with a hair transplant surgeon who understands these aesthetic issues. Be sure to review patient testimonials and look at before and after photos of prior successful hair transplant procedures.