Can I get Botox under my eyes to reduce wrinkles?

I have these wrinkles right under my eyes that I just can’t stand. Is it possible to get Botox under my eyes? Would that even help or is there a better alternative that I should be thinking about?

Yes it's possible but you would have a to be seen in person to see if you are a candidate since not all wrinkles respond to Botox.

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If you furnish some photos we can help you understand your options better. Depending on the location of the lines, Botox may be an option. Botox is best for lines that are the result of movement/animation (like the Crow's feet at the corners of the eyes) as opposed to wrinkling that results from extra/loose skin, which usually requires surgical removal and/or laser tightening to correct.

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No problem.  It works for crow feet.


you can get Botox on the sides of you eyes or "crowsfeet" or smile lines! If you treat the areas directly under the eyes  you can weaken the muscle there and cause a bulge or bag. 

You may be a better candidate for filler under the eyes. Restylane is a treatment that can be used to improve the look of the area beneath the eyes. A consultation would be needed to give precise recommendations.

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