Can I get a breast augmentation before getting pregnant?

I’ve wanted a breast augmentation to make my boobs bigger and fuller for a while now. But my husband and I are in the process of starting a family. Our plan is to have 3 kids, but I’m 32 now so who knows! Is it recommended to wait until after having kids before getting a breast augmentation?


F, 33, Iowa

Most women undergo breast augmentation surgery between the ages of 20 and 39. Pregnancy after breast augmentation surgery is therefore relatively common and does not pose a risk to normal pregnancy or breastfeeding in any way.

The incisions made to insert breast implants are carefully located so as to not affect a woman’s ability to breastfeed. Implants are also often placed under the muscle to allow for an extra layer of protection between the implant and the milk ducts, and give a more natural look and feel.

In addition, pregnancy does not have a detrimental effect on silicone or saline implants.

While breast implants are unaffected by pregnancy, the skin and tissue of the breasts are prone to change. During pregnancy, a women’s breasts become engorged in preparation for breastfeeding. This change is hormonally driven, and the extent to which breast volume increases varies among women. The skin of the breasts can stretch and lose suppleness as a result of engorgement and weight gain.

Women may find that once they stop breastfeeding, their breasts decrease in volume, feel deflated or stretched, begin to sag (breast ptosis) or rest differently on their chest.

Because augmented breasts maintain more of their volume (the implant volume does not decrease), women who have had breast implants are less likely to see such drastic changes. The breast implants themselves will remain unchanged, but the skin of the breasts may be stretched by pregnancy, impacting on the overall aesthetics of the breasts.

However, the breasts can withstand many of the changes caused by pregnancy if a healthy lifestyle is adhered to. A nutritious diet and regular exercise as directed by your obstetrician or gynecologist can help prevent excessive weight gain and minimize sagging or stretching of the breast tissue.

If you are planning to have children in the near future I would advise you to wait to undergo breast augmentation surgery until you have finished breastfeeding so you can enjoy optimal results.

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Many people have breast implants before they are pregnant.  Just be sure you are not pregnant when you are getting the anesthesia.