Can I get a discount for multiple areas of liposuction?

I feel like my whole body needs liposuction, and I would be crazy enough to get one if it wasn't for the money. So I decided to limit myself to just some key areas like: stomach, hips and probably arms. Can I hope for a discount if I bring more "work" to the doctor?


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Yes, I usually give discounts for multiple areas.  Every PS has different pricing rules, so you will have to check in your area.  Best of luck!

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This depends on the office, and their policies.  In our practice, we do reduce the fees for liposuction when we do multiple areas.

Performing surgery on multiple areas during a single operation is certainly less expensive than doing one area over multiple surgeries. The setup time, facility fees, and nursing care is less expensive if one operation is performed, and you surgeon likely factors this into his quote.

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At our clinic there is not a 'discount' per se.  But if multiple areas are done at the same time versus doing the areas over several sessions - there is a decreased price if the areas are done at one time.  Because of the savings of time and staff and facilities - a savings can be passed on to the patient.


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