Can I get a Facelift While I am getting Botox or Fillers?

I am currently in between botox treatments but am interested in getting a facelift soon. How long do I have to wait after my last botox treatment before getting a facelift? Or, do I even need to wait at all? I think if my face is full of botox it might be harder to accurately understand how to adjust my face.


F, 59, New York

In most situations, you do not have to wait at all for your facelift.  Botox and facelifts work well in conjunction, and are even frequently done at the same time.  As long as your surgeon can see what you are trying to accomplish, it shouldn't be a problem.  Just make sure to communicate exactly what you want.  Best of luck!

Hello Berta,

The simple answer is yes it is possible. Your Plastic surgeon would need to know where in the face, when and how much of each product was used. Also depending upon what you want specifically addressed in the face may determine the timeline of surgery.  Also, photos prior to each treatments would also help. Good luck!

Dr. Shitel Patel