Can I Get a Mommy Makeover and a Brazilian Butt Lift in the Same Procedure?

I'm 42 years old, I had one pregnancy, and I'm in good health condition. There is no reason why my body shouldn't support two or more procedures done simultaneously. Once I started researching and accepting the idea of a mommy makeover, I got interested in the Brazilian butt lift too. Some may say I'm on the path to becoming addicted to plastic surgery before I even started. If I have to suffer, then I would prefer to do both the mommy makeover and the Brazilian butt lift at once. Can and should I?


F, 45, Kentucky

Yes. A healthy woman can have both mommy makeover and Brazilian butt lift performed at the same time. I do many combination surgeries at my Surgery Center. Many women prefer to have a single surgery and recovery time than spreading it out over multiple surgeries. 

Hi 74Alexia:

In my practice I almost always do the Mommy Makeover and a Brazilian Buttock Lift at the same time.  It only makes sense to use the fat that we are taking from the areas where you don't want it and putting it to good use in the areas where you do want it.  It a true waste to discard all of that good fat.  It doesn't add much time or risk to the overall procedure but can really enhance the results.  Don't confuse being addicted with doing what makes sense!

Dr. Ken Stein