Can I get an otoplasty revision if I'm unhappy with results?

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I’m only a week post otoplasty, but I’m looking in the mirror several times a day and I’m super disappointed with how my ears look. I think my doctor made too drastic of a change, and now I don’t look normal. I thought I wanted to correct how far my ears stuck out, but now I’m having second thoughts. I know it’s probably still too premature to judge the results, but can I have otoplasty revision to correct them if necessary?


F, 35, New Jersey

You need to give it more time. After the first week, the appearance will gradually change

You need to give it some time. If the ears look too pinned back at one week, that will improve with time.

Yes, the repair can be revised.  It is very early after surgery and it can be revised now before there is further healing with a shape that you are not happy with.

Have you changed you're mind about wanting the surgery? If so, yes, it can be undone while it's still fresh. 

If you mean you just don't like what you see, but you haven't changed you mind about wanting i in the first place then, being patient is there better course.

Discuss your concern with your surgeon.