Can I get a panniculectomy to just remove skin?

I am a 49 year old women. 5'8", 145 lb. Very fit. I have had 3 c sections and a hysterectomy. I have a mass of skin hanging over my lady parts that no matter what I do will not go away. This I realize. I have been reading up on all of these procedures and I'm thinking that I don't qualify for the full blown surgery like the others. I literally need the skin taken off and sutured right to the pencil thin c section scar. What would this be called because I want nobody to touch my inner legs and rear end. That simply isn't needed. No need for sewing up any muscles of the abdomen either. They are just fine. What would be the name of this procedure. Thank You in advance.


F, Virginia

This would be considered a panniculectomy from your description but a consultation with a board Certified plastic surgeon would help you see if this is something insurance would cover or be cosmetic. Good luck