Can I get rid of my jowls with a facelift?

My jowls have been frustrating me for years. What is the best procedure to do away with them? Some people think a facelift will help but there are so many different procedures out there. Which one is the best? If there is a non-invasive option that would be awesome. I have to say I am not to excited about going under the knife.


F, 42, California

Hi.  Facelift is the gold standard for correction of jowls, and there isn't a non-invasive option that can provide as consistent of a solution.  Although there are some non-invasive options that may make some improvement, they can provide a short term solution until the problem gets bad enough for you to have the surgical correction.  Hope that helps.  You should meet with a plastic surgeon who has lots of experience with all types of facial rejuvenation procedures so that you can get a better idea of which option would work for you. Best of luck!

For Non-invasive Jowl reduction, we use either fat dissolving injections or the Agnes RF - if skin tightening is also wanted.  We are seeing a significant decrease in the jowls with these treatments and it is less invasive than smart lipo.  Usually 2-3 sessions are needed.  Swelling can last unto 5 days.

We also use these techniques to treat heavy nasolabial folds and hamster cheeks.

Ken Oleszek. MD

La Fontaine Aesthetics

Denver, Colorado


Hi Suzannec44:

A facelift is the gold standard for getting rid of jowls and should reliably work in pretty much every case.   If you want to try something less invasive then Precision TX or Smart Lipo from Cynosure is a very good (although not altogether non-invasive) option.

Dr. Ken Stein