Can I get a Tummy Tuck on the NHS?

I know it's regarded cosmetic surgery but is there a chance I might get a tuck on NHS? It's a costly operation.


F, 39, Ohio

Your best best is to contact your insurance company ans inquire into your member benefits. There are some insurance companies that can assist with a portion of the abdominoplasty if you meet certain requirements and have ample documentation to support the medical necessity. Most commonly the requirements are having a bariatric surgery performed and having a weight loss of 100 pounds or more. Again, each individual policy is different so start with your insurance company and member benefits. Good luck1

I am the highest ranking American in the NHS. UK. Your procedure will not receive trust funding for cosmetic surgery. Cap Lesesne,MD

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Generally procedures covered by medical insurance must meet criteria for "medical necessity".  An example where abdominoplasty could be covered by insurance;  chronic skin ulceration under a large panus or hanging skin.  Documentation of a medical condition requiring abdominoplasty is rare; less than 5% of cases.  The vast majority of abdominoplasty procedures are completed for cosmetic reasons and not covered by medical insurance. 

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Dear andrea01:

Cosmetic or non-essential medical or surgical intervention is generally considered not reimbursable. That said, there are many firms that are "self-insured" and have arranged different benefits for their employees which are managed by national medical insurers such as BlueCross, Aetna, UnitedHealthCare and others. 

It is best for you to call your HR Department to find out what YOUR contract specifies regarding benefits. 

All the best.

The national health service (NHS) which is what I think you are referring to in the UK and or Canada does not exist here in the United States.  I am fairly certain cosmetic surgery in not covered under the NHS in the UK or Canada. Hope this was helpful.  

A panniculectomy (just removing the lower part that is hanging) is rarely, but occasionally covered by insurance if you can provide a lengthy documentation from your primary care physician of skin infections or other conditions caused by the large, hanging apron. A full tummy tuck is not usually covered. 

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An abdominoplasty like every other cosmetic procedure is not covered by insurance.

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Tummy tuck surgery is an aesthetic procedure and is NOT paid for by insurances. 

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As others have stated and I'm sure you're already well aware, cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance policies in most countries. To the best of my knowledge, it is not covered by the NHS in Canada or UK. The reason it is a costly operation is that it takes tremendous skill and training to perform this operation safely, and it is elective by its nature, and requires general anesthesia in an appropriately accredited facility.

-- Dr. Sayed

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Cosmetic Surgery not a covered benefit with any health insurance. Nice try...