Can I get upper eyelid surgery under local anesthesia?

I've heard that recovery times are shorter when surgery is done under local anesthesia. Even though I'm really afraid of experience the whole thing while being awake, is it possible to do eyelid surgery with only local anesthesia? How often do doctors do upper eyelid surgery without putting the patient to sleep?


M, 56, Connecticut

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Dr. David M. Tauber, MD - - Albany, NY A blepharoplasty is done to remove or reposition the tissue around the eyes to improve the way they look. This can be as simple as removal of skin only and / or also include removing or repositioning the underlying orbital fat and possibly tightening or repositioning the lid margin. A skin-only upper lid lift can help to open the eyes and eliminate some of the heaviness. This can be done in the office under local for a reasonable cost and with a quick recovery. Most patients do well with this surgery as the eyes are closed during the procedure. See the following link for more info on blepharoplasty: A detailed examination will help delineate the best surgical option and provide you a custom quote for your situation. Call 518-724-2444 today to schedule a free phone or in person consultation! Best, Dr. David M. Tauber, MD - Board Certified Plastic Surgeon -

Recovery time is the same from local or general anesthesia (ie same incisions you have to heal). The general anesthesia can cause nausea and upset stomach but that is all. 

For eyelid surgery, local can be a good option if the fat compartments of the eyes are not being addressed. If they are being addressed then I would recommend general anesthesia. The cost is less for doing it under local versus general anesthesia.

Eyelid surgery is often done under local.