Can I have a Breast Reduction and a Lift at the same time?

I know breasts drooping over time is normal, but that doesn't make it easy to accept. :) It started after I gave birth to my second child. Since then, I'm always checking other women's breasts and remember the good old times when mine were perky and firm. I think they've become even too big (I put some weigh during pregnancy), and a 2 in 1 surgery would make this mommy happy again. Should I go with it? :)

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Absolutely! A breast lift is able to restore your youthful breast shape. With all breast lifts the breast has to decrease a little in size so a reduction and a lift are very similar operations. Sometimes in order to get the best breast shape a small implant with the lift can be helpful.  Good Luck!! 

Actually every breast reduction includes a lift except in those rare cases when only liposuction is used. In those cases a modest lift can be achieved with ThermiTight minimally invasive skin tightening> 

Agree with formal cosmetic consultation.  No way to determine your specific cosmetic journey without a good assessment  of the roads ahead in the journey.    Breast reduction is used to reduce the size of the breast mound.  A breast lift is used to bring the nipples up to a higher level or to a  perky position.  Most breast reductions include some form of breast lift. Check out your options, find a surgeon who will spend time with you in education.....then decided if it is your goals and desires. 

A breast reduction incorporates a breastlift.  The breast is made smaller and the nipple and areolar is reduced in diameter and raised to a more youthful position.  I usually liposuction the lateral chest to improve the shape and contour of the breast as well.

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When  you do a reduction you are making your breast smaller AND lift

Ing at the same time.Sometimes  I will suction some fat from my patients abdomen  and place across the medial apect and superior aspect  of the breast to give a mire shapely  contour.Have a blessed weekend . Dr Brueck 


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Honestly, only a full exam and consultation would answer this question. There are many variables in what things look like, what options you have and the decision making that the only way to give a true answer is in person.

Dear kellyjayt; Thanks for Zwivel inquiry. You are not understanding terms. All Breast Reductions are also breast lifts, skin and fat and breast gland are excise. But not all Breast Lifts are Reductions, where only excess skin is removed. Best to seek in person opinions from boarded PSs in your area. regards Dr B 

In my hands as well as almost all plastic surgeons hands, breast reduction includes a breast lift

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