Can I have a mommy makeover right after the consultation?

I don't mean exactly right away, but maybe only a few days apart. I want to get it done as soon as possible.

Thank you for the question and based on your surgeon's schedule it should not be a problem if you are in good health.  I open up Saturday's for just a patient like you if over booked

Dr Corbin

Providing you are a good candidate, absolutely. There are pre op tests that take less than an hour, but we can accommodate. Call for a consultation and we would be happy to fit you in. 440-808-9315

If your board certified plastic surgeon thinks you are a good candidate for the procedures,they have time on their schedule and you are prepared for the recovery period, no problems. If you are getting breast implants you may need to wait a few days for the implants to be shipped from the manufacturer as breast implants are a custom fit and your surgeon may not have the exact size readily available.


Jack Peterson MD

Under certain circumstances, it can be done. Your board certified plastic surgeon might ask for a physical and some basic labs to ensure you are healthy. If there is an opening in the surgery center and surgeon's schedule- why not? Have you been considering it for a while now?