Can I have More Kids After a Mommy Makeover?

I already had a Mommy Makeover because I thought my husband and I were done. But, we caught the bug and want to have another little one. Can I still have more kids after a Mommy Makeover? Are there any additional concerns that should be aware of? I am ok with ruining some of the results of my mommy makeover.


F, 38, Massachusetts

The simple answer is YES but it may adversely affect the results of your surgery, but you are not alone many women have become pregnant after an MM and ultimately needed a revision.  Obviously try to keep your weight down during the pregnancy

Dr Corbin

Yes, you can have more children.  Some of the results of your mommy makeover may get "stretched out," but typically, if they need to be fixed later, it would be easier than your original mommy makeover.  Don't worry... kids are worth it!

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Hi Adelaid:

You are totally safe to have kids after a mommy makeover.  Just make sure you don't gain too much weight.  You definitely can ruin the results of the Mommy Makeover but it can be re-done if need be.  No additional concerns to worry about.

Dr. Ken Stein