Can I possibly have my nipples repositioned and re-centered?

I had a breast lift about 10 months ago but am not happy with how my nipples look now. In all honest they look like a pair of lazy eyes. I need to have them repositioned. How can I give my nipples 20/20 vision?

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Why don't you contact us for a consultation here in California - we can review photos with you remotely and do a video consultation if you are not able to come to the office. This would at least give us some visual information to help understand where the nipples sit and what the source of your dissatisfaction may be. It is easier to correct low nipples by raising them after a prior lift but very hard to fix high nipples. Asymmetry with respect to left-right side-side position may also be a bit difficult to correct without resulting in scars where the areolas used to be. Happy to help you with an evaluation in the office or with a HIPAA-secure private video consultation tool.

Here's some info on areola/nipple surgery:

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depending on your individual problem they can usually be adjusted somewhat. Without seeing your photos this is all that I can say.