Can I swim after breast augmentation?

I exercise religiously and I know that working out in the gym after breast augmentation will take some time.  Am I able to swim after breast augmentation? 


F, 31, California

Since I'm not familiar with the specifics of your plastic surgery, I can't offer you specific advice. Your plastic surgeon should make that determination based on your individual case.

When to go back in the water after breast augmentation surgery depends on the details of your implant size and placement, the details of your breast surgery, and on your personal recovery progress.

I usually advise my patients to avoid all strenuous activity (including swimming) for the first four to six weeks after their procedure. Walking and doing lower body workouts are a great way to keep in shape until the four to six week mark post-op.

However if you want to just enter the water to cool off (without exercising) the incision areas should be healed enough by three to four weeks after surgery to enter the swimming pool.

It's not clear from your question whether or not you work out at an indoor or outdoor pool, so keep in mind that you'll need to avoid sun exposure on your incisions until they heal. A good rule of thumb for breast augmentation patients is to wait until the scars are no longer red and swollen before sunbathing. And when you do finally go back in the sun, be sure to apply sunscreen to the incisions.

Good luck with your recovery. For the best advice, always be sure to consult with a plastic surgeon who has board-certification.

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I can't give you any direct medical advice without knowing the specifics of your cosmetic procedures. When to resume running, swimming, and other normal activities at the gym is a determination that should be made by your cosmetic surgeon.

Not every surgeon agrees on a specific amount of time to wait before swimming. Everyone's recovery period after getting breast implants is different and depends on the type of breast surgery you had, your age, your weight, and your specific breast implant options.

I generally advise my patients to wait six weeks before resuming their normal exercise routines. But I will make specific recommendations on a patient by patient basis depending on the specifics of their cosmetic surgery.

For patients that want to stay cool in the summertime, I usually recommend that they can go waist deep in the water at the three-week mark. But it's a good idea to avoid the sun.

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Swimming after breast augmentation is permitted after the initial post op recovery and once your incision line has fully healed.

You certainly swim after a breast augmentation in fact you are able return to all activities.  You want to progressively increase activity after the surgery and your surgeon should outline those activities and timing after the procedure.


  I generally recommend no swimming or going into a pool for 3-4 weeks following breast augmentation to ensure the incison is well healed. I clear patients for full exercise at 4-6 weeks depending on healing.

Dear CarolH, 

Yes. But not right away either. 

Richard T. Bosshardt, MD, FACS

P.S. They don't help you float!

As with any surgical incision; the amount of time for incision healing is dependent on the procedure completed.  Submuscular -vs- subglandular breast implants may have different time healing to allow for gym activities.  Always follow your surgeon's recommendations.  We allow most patients to get their incisions wet with soap and water during shower 24-48 hours after surgery.  Four to six weeks for active swimming and upper extremity workouts in the gym.  

Take the 4-6 week extra time to work on your lower body; walking, treadmill and lower extremity isolated work outs.  Do your homework, find a Cosmetic surgeon who will spend time with you discussing your goals and desires.  

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