Can I use the IPL procedure for my Stretch Marks?

I was looking into the IPL process and was wondering if it could be used on stretch marks. Would it change the average cost if it was used for a different purpose? Any additional information would be great. Summer is coming fast so what I would love hear back quick.


F, 37, New Jersey

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In my experience IPL does not work all that well for stretch marks (and neither does anything else honestly).  

If the stretch marks are red then IPL can decrease the redness, but won't help the scar texture.  I find the Fractional 1540 can help improve stretch marks somewhat. The stretch marks will never be gone.  This takes lots of sessions and usually around a week of post laser redness. 

So, not too many of my patients continue with necessary treatments because of the expense and downtime.

for big events I will recommend body make-up.

Ken Oleszek, MD

La Fontaine Aesthetics

Denver, Colorado