Can lasers improve the crepey skin and laxity on my lower arms?

I have suddenly and rapidly seen severe crepiness (from sun) and looseness on both lower and upper arms but the really dramatic and rapidly-occurring part is on my lower arms. It's very bad, and esp. when my arm is not tensed or I hold it against gravity. I'm terrified of how it looks now but as afraid of what's coming.

My arms were fine four months ago. WOW.

I am 62 years old but look younger I'm told fairly frequently, thanks to two FLs (thank god for those!).

I have appointments with local surgeons and dermatologists for various lasers. I don't believe they can surgically tighten the lower arms, from the elbows down, so am reliant on lasers and am thinking Ultherapy? 

Has anyone had this problem? Have any doctors treated this? How? With what kind of results? PLEASE HELP!!


F, 64, Connecticut