Can lipo help or will I need an abdominoplasty?

Basically, I've just got too much extra weight on and around my stomach and I've been losing at the diet and exercise game because of events in my personal life. Even though it's superficial, I think taking care of the extra weight could go along way in helping me deal with these recent trying events and that's pretty important to me. I just want to find out how I should proceed for the best results. I'd prefer liposuction over a tummy tuck for fairly obvious reasons but I wouldn't rule out a tummy tuck if it was considered to be most effective in my situation. I'm 42, I have no children and won't have children. The weight gain, I hate to admit, is from not dealing well with emotional issues. Which is not an excuse. I recognize that being able to get whichever procedure will work best for me is a gift. I don't know what other information you need to help make that determination but I'd be more than happy to oblige.


F, 43, Florida

Hi, I think you should be a candidate for one of the two of those procedures.  Liposuction is preferred when it can accomplish the goal of reducing fat volume, as long as you won't be left with loose skin or a poochy tummy.  If you have either of those, then likely you will need a tummy tuck or some advance liposuction with radiofrequency (BodyTite).  You would need to submit some pictures if you want a recommendation over the internet, or else you can go for an in-person consultation with a board certified PS.  Best of luck!

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Thanks for the detailed question. Couple of basic pieces of information to help you:

  1. Lipo and tummy tuck (TT) are not weight loss surgeries. They are done for contouring. If you have a significant concern about your weight, a program of supervised weight loss before contemplating surgery may be appropriate. 
  2. The decision depends on the distribution of fat and loose skin/muscle on the abdomen. Many women who have not had children don't have so much of a problem of excess skin and loose muscle, but it varies considerably among patients. 
  3. An exam in the office following prior evaluation of photos/video consultation is the best way to assess the patient for the right procedure. We offer video consultations for out-of-town patients and also see patients in Miami on an exclusive appointment basis.

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