Can liposuction be done on the face?

I'm 42, female and I'm tired of the excess skin on my cheeks making it look like I have jowls like a hound dog. I don't want a full facelift - at least not yet - but something like liposuction seems more appealing. I'm just not sure that liposuction can be done on the face. What about incision marks? How small would they be and is there any chance of those marks scarring?


F, 45, Tennessee

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Hi Danielle,

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, and can indeed be performed in the face. The main areas that are suitable for liposuction in the face are the neck, chin, outside of the cheeks, jowls and jawline.

The incisions are so small that they are barely visible. On top of this, your surgeon will place these incisions in hidden areas -- right under the chin, for instance.

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