Can liposuction cause cellulite?

I've seen After photos of women who have had liposuction on their butt and thighs and though there was a notable difference in the volume of flesh, there were dimples or bumps that looked like cellulite on both the thighs and the butt that certainly weren't prominent in the Before photos. Can the liposuction procedure actually cause cellulite somehow?


F, 44, New Jersey

No, liposuction will not cause or remove cellulite.  But, sometimes, liposuction can make the existing cellulite look worse after the surrounding fatty tissue is removed.  Lipo may deflate the entire area and make the dimples more prominent.  Make sure you discuss your particular situation with a board certified plastic surgeon so he/she can tell you if that is likely to happen for you.  Best of luck!

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Absolutely. think of bulky thighs as stuffed down pillows. Removing some of the down with a vaccum will make the pillow smaller for sure, but the pillow will be baggy unless skin is removed (in some cases). In other cases, the skin is elastic and will conform appropriately. A simultaneous thigh lift, or BodyTite (scarless thigh lift) can help eliminate the shadows you so accurately describe!

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