Can mini-tummy tuck be done under local anesthesia only?

I'm scared of getting general anesthesia because of the risks it involves. I heard some people felt everything during operation but couldn't tell the doctor. 

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It depends on your particular situation. A mini tummy tuck is typically performed to improve the lower portion of a patient's abdomen. If your underlying muscles are not lax, and your only issue is fat and excess skin, a mini tummy tuck can be performed under general or IV sedation. While I'm sure there have been some people who have had a mini tummy tuck under local anesthesia, I certainly would not recommend doing it. Personally, I would want to be knocked out but if you're not squeamish and your doctor is willing to perform your procedure under local anesthesia, then great. Good luck!  

I know you have reservations about general anesthesia, but it makes sense to consult with a few different board-certified plastic surgeons and speak to them and their anesthesiologist. At a minimum, I would recommend you be given at least local anesthesia and intravenous sedation during cosmetic surgery. Patient comfort is one of the biggest concerns during plastic surgery procedures, and your mini tummy tuck surgery is no exception.

Depending on the procedure (and the individual), you could be looking at one hour to a few hours elapsed time. I don't know if you'd really want to be awake during this time.

In theory, yes, local anesthesia can be used, but in practicality, why would you? The best results from a traditional abdominoplasty (traditional tummy tuck) or a mini abdominoplasty (mini tummy tuck) are achieved when the patient is sedated. This is usually done under general anesthesia or with a local anesthetic coupled with twilight IV sedation.

I say “tummy tuck” because without seeing photos or doing a physical exam it’s difficult to tell if you are a good candidate for a mini tuck or a traditional tummy tuck procedure. For this reason, you should consult with several board-certified plastic surgeons before committing to any plastic surgery. You should also know that some doctors won't perform tummy tuck surgery under local anesthesia, as they only perform cosmetic surgery under general anesthesia. Again, although a local anesthetic can be used, it would not be a pleasant experience. Some sort of sedation would make you more comfortable during your tummy tuck procedure.

Dear elexeone; Thanks for the Swivel inquiry. The simple response id YES a mini TT can be accomplished under local anesthesia. But why would ant boarded PS ever do it that way limits the surgical potential results with an awake patient! The risks of pain during the operation, increased bleeding from anxiety response of the patient, etc. Best to seek a few in person evaluations with boarded PSs in your area. RegardsDr B