Can miraDry reduce underarm sweat in just a single treatment?

Is really only one treatment necessary to get rid of excessive underarm sweating forever? It sounds too good to be true. I've been struggling with this problem for so long and now I find out there's a simple cure for it. Please give me more information about this!


F, 37, New York

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I have developed a short surgical procedure, termed "Sweat Lipo", which can significantly and permanently reduce excessive underarm sweating in a one-time operation.  You can read about it on my website:


This procedure does not work on other areas of hyperhidrosis, such as the palms or the feet.


Elliot W. Jacobs, MD, FACS

New York City

Hi Ashley,

It is possible that MiraDry could reduce the amount of underarm sweat in one session, but the treatment is best performed with multiple visits. As far as Botox to the underarms is concerned, there is the possibility that you could be dry or almost completely dry with one Botox session which will last 6-7 months depending on the treatment. 

The main difference, in simple terms, between MiraDry and Botox is that MiraDry will make you sweat less (meant for hyperhidrosis, it will essentially help you sweat more like a person not suffering from this debilitating condition) whereas Botox has the propensity to make your sweating drastically reduce. 

Many treatments in cosmetics and aesthetics that are minimally invasive require multiple treatments. Continue with your research before making a decision, and be sure to seek out the care of board certified physicians or their associates for the most accurate information and safest results. 

Best of luck to you!

Jeanine Downie, MD