Can rosacea be cured?

I've been suffering from rosacea since adolescence. I feel like it's always present but in reality it only becomes noticeable when I have a flare-up. I had some success with Pro-Activ but had to stop using it and since then I've been managing my flare-ups with a hot water compress to soothe the burning, that's it. Fortunately, I work as a caregiver for elderly people who can still live at home but need help with everyday things. This means, outiside of my job, I can pretty much be a hermit. Has a cure for rosacea been created? Are there any new products or procedures that vanquish rosacea completely? I feel like there must be by now. I'd be prepared to pay whatever it cost if it meant i'd never have to deal with this nasty problem again! I hope you can help.


F, 38, Utah

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Rosacea is a common skin condition that requires chronic management.  There are prescription medications such as Brimonidine (Mirvaso) and oxymetazoline (Rhofade) reduce redness by constricting blood vessels.  

Non prescription skin care is also available to reduce the redness:


For medication resistent cases either IPL or pulsed dye laser can be effective in controlling the redness.