Can rosacea be cured?

I've been suffering from rosacea since adolescence. I feel like it's always present but in reality it only becomes noticeable when I have a flare-up. I had some success with Pro-Activ but had to stop using it and since then I've been managing my flare-ups with a hot water compress to soothe the burning, that's it. Fortunately, I work as a caregiver for elderly people who can still live at home but need help with everyday things. This means, outiside of my job, I can pretty much be a hermit. Has a cure for rosacea been created? Are there any new products or procedures that vanquish rosacea completely? I feel like there must be by now. I'd be prepared to pay whatever it cost if it meant i'd never have to deal with this nasty problem again! I hope you can help.


F, 38, Utah

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