Can Tretinoin cream help remove recent stretch marks?

I really want to be proactive about my pregnancy stretch marks. I'm only in my mid thirties, and I would be horrified if I were stuck with these nasty stretch marks for the rest of my life. I've done some research and found that Tretinoin cream (or gel) is recommended to treat such skin imperfections. If I start applying this cream ASAP, is it enough to clear my skin?


F, 39, Delaware

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Unfortunately, you can never really get rid of stretch marks, as they are scars, but you can improve their appearance significantly! Time is the best therapy as these marks will tend to lighten over time. If you have saggy skin after having a baby, you can excise the stretch marked skin in a tummy tuck. Lasers and topical treatments will help make them less noticeable, but the stretch marks may never truly go away. Hope this helps and congrats on the little one!