Can Volbella be used for under eyes too?

I would prefer to use Volbella for my tear trough, mostly because it lasts way longer than the other fillers, but I don't know if doctors recommend it. I think the dark circles under my eyes are hereditary, since they look just as bad no matter if I sleep 8 hours or just 2. It takes me forever to cover them with makeup every morning, so I'm hoping I can skip this morning routine for a while. Should I ask for Volbella or is it a bad idea?


F, 36, Pennsylvania

Tags:woman age 25-34 tear trough under eyes dark circles makeup

Volbella is primarily developed for treatment of fine lines and wrinkles with an intradermal injection, not what is needed for tear troughs.  I prefer Vollure or Restylane in this area as both provide excellent correction and last quite well in this area.  If your dark circles are caused by pigment, filler will not improve them.