Can white stretch marks be treated with chemical peels?

I have old white stretch marks in several areas of my body. Can chemical peels be used to help treat them, or would I need to use some type of laser? If the chemical peels are an option, are they effective and how many times do you typically need to go before you see results?


F, 49, Pennsylvania

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Stretch marks are due to damage to the dermis in the deep layer within the skin.  Unfortunately, there is no "cure" for stretch marks.  Lasers and peels may show mild improvement, but I have never been very impressed with their efficacy in treating stretch marks.  I'm not sure I'd recommend any sessions with either of them.  Microneedling is a treatment that may show the most promise.  This is a device that rolls over the skin with small needles creating very small holes.  This stimulates collagen production in the skin and has a smoothing effect on the stretch marks.  That's the best treatment I've seen so far for stretch marks.