Can you get stretch marks from working out?

I'm just curious.. because I hit the gym several times a week, every week now.


M, 29, Virginia

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I don't recall ever seeing this.  Typically it is from weight gain or pregnancy, meaning rapid weight gain over a short of moderate period of time.  Weight lifters sometimes get stretch marks too, and this could be working out the muscles and building them by over-stretching the skin.  Steroid also can contribute to stretch marks.

It is unlikely but possible  Stretch marks are the result of skin being overstretched, usually from excessive weight gain or pregnancy.  For this to happen from weight lifting, your muscles would have to become so large that the skin becomes overstretched.

Anything that expands the skin rapidly can cause stretch marks. The question is whether it was from bulking up, weight gain, or something else. Regardless, I would go see somebody with a fractional CO2 laser that is willing to do deep treatments for stretch marks. They can spread once they start so it's good to nip them in the bud as much as possible.

100% - they are very common with increasing muscle bulk. Moisturizer daily may help to prevent the damage to the skin.