Can you get stretch marks on your face?

Is it possible to get stretch marks on your face if you have lost a lot of weight and some of that weight was on your face and neck? I don't believe I have ever seen stretch marks on a face but I don't know what to look for really. Does the fact that the stretch marks are on the face pose difficulties for getting rid of them?


F, 58, Virginia

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It is not very common to have stretch marks on the face just from being overweight, but it is certainly possible.

A stretch mark [or striae] is a type of scarring that occurs when your skin is stretched past its natural capacity. This commonly happens in other parts of the body during rapid weight gain or rapid growth. Even after subsequent weight loss the stretch marks remain. Pregnant women frequently see abdominal stretch marks form in the later stages of pregnancy.

Stretch marks on the face are more likely to occur as a result of serious acne or from a facelift where there may have been a higher level of trauma to the skin.

Stretch marks usually appear on the abdomen, buttocks and legs, but the affected area can be anywhere.

Our treatment for stretch marks consists of a combination of microneedling, radiofrequency devices and fractional lasers to stimulate collagen induction. Encouraging new collagen production and skin growth can have a remarkably beneficial effect on the visibility of the marks. We see it here all the time.

We’ve also seen good results with the clear development of new connective tissue after 4 to 6 laser therapy treatments, scheduled once every three weeks.

In general though, stretch marks can be challenging to remove. It’s usually possible to reduce their visibility, but not necessarily to remove them completely. We usually make a point of communicating with our patients that our goals are to “reduce visibility” and improve the general look of their marks.

The success or failure of the treatment also depends on the skin color and skin type of the patient. Managing expectations when it comes to stretch mark treatment is extremely important.

It’s impossible to remove stretch marks with so-called stretch mark creams, olive oil or other home remedies, so don’t let yourself be taken in by dubious marketing.
And always be sure to visit a board certified dermatologist for your treatment.