Can you have breast implants and still maintain a soft feel?

With all of the different techniques and types of implants available, I don’t think I’ve come across any that guarantee to maintain a soft natural feel. Is there anything out there that I might have missed, or that’s coming out in the near future? I want to increase my cup size from a B to a D, but I don’t want them to look or feel fake. I want them to maintain their natural perkiness without being firm.


F, 29, California

Hi Donna:  Your implants should be soft.  I think your best options would be silicone gel implants or if you prefer saline, the Ideal implant.  Either one will feel very natural with an increase of two cup sizes.  The only thing that might keep them from feeling natural would be a capsular contracture which is now very rare.  In answer to you question about a guarantee of softness, no one can give you that because it is subjective.

Dr. Ken Stein

Yes, absolutely!  It is generally considered that the silicone gel implants feel more soft than the saline implants.  But most importantly, the larger you choose in size, the more it stretches your own breast and muscle, and the more firm they feel... so the smaller you go, the more natural they feel.  Your PS should be able to convey this answer to you more specifically based on your size and shape, as well as the size of the implant t you choose.  Best of luck!

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