Can you tell me the cost of a Chin Implant?

I have a very pointy chin and it makes me feel very self-conscious and I would really like to have my chin reshaped and have a chin implant procedure so my face will look more proportionate. I am in graduate school and I want to get the process started but I need to figure out my budget. Can you please tell me what the cost is of a chin implant?


M, 34, New York

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Costs are dependent on your location, your surgeon, and the facility expenses.  IN general, you can probably find it in less expensive parts of the country for as little as $3500, and in the more expensive parts of the country more like $4500-6500.

Dr. Reza Momeni has 1 Chin Implant before & after:

Chin Implant before image performed by Dr. Reza MomeniChin Implant after image performed by Dr. Reza Momeni

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