Can you use arm fat for a Brazilian butt lift?

I don’t think I have enough fat in my thighs or stomach to transfer to my butt, but if I wanted to use fat from another location like my arms, would that be possible? How much fat is actually needed, and is there a way to measure this at home before meeting with a doctor?


F, 43, New Jersey

Hi Greencell:  You can absolutely use arm fat for buttock augmentation.  Unfortunately, if you don't have enough fat in your thigh or abdomen, it is unlikely that you will have enough from your arms to make much of a difference.   It would be worthwhile to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon to see if that is a possiblility.

Dr. Ken Stein

You can use fat from your arms, or any other location, to do Brazilian Butt Lift.  But usually your arms would not provide enough fat to make too much difference, so that you might require fat to be removed from other areas too.  There isn't a great way to measure this at home, so I would suggest that you either submit photos, or else you can have a consultation in person with a plastic surgeon.  Best of luck!

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