Can you use other people's fat for a Brazilian butt lift?

At only 98 lbs, fat transfer is not an option for me. Can I use the fat which was harvested from other people? If not, are implants my only option? Because I've seen some butt surgeries involving implants that went so wrong I stopped thinking about doing this procedure at all. What are the chances of that happening to me?

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Unfortunately, you cannot use someone else's fat.  Too bad!  It sounds like implants would be your only option.  As you may know, buttock implants have advantages and disadvantages, so you will need to think about those before you make your decision.  Best of luck!

We all wish! Unfortunately, we cannot use other people's fat. Your body is smart and will reject and kill the fat cells as "foreign" and you would fall quite ill. Implants are a fantastic option. Just make sure you find a board-certified plastic surgeon who knows his stuff and you'll be happy you ended up going for implants.