Can you whiten veneers?

I hope this doesn't seem like a stupid question. I'm interested in getting veneers but I imagine they stain just like teeth do. Can veneers be whitened the same way natural teeth can? I'm afraid that I'd get them then before I knew it, they'd have stains too and I'd be in the same situation I was before getting them—except with less money and less chance to get another set. If they can be whitened, however, this would change everything.


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Hello, that's a good question.

Veneers and lumineers can be whitened as regular teeth but the good news is that actually veneers don't stain! You can get the right color right away and they will last long. I have been practicing dental veneers for about 15 years. My first patient was my mom and my second patient was my mother. Till now they have those veneers and they still look good! which means that we had 15 years of successful using dental veneers without replacing them.

If you decide to proceed we could schedule a free consultation for you and decide whether or not you are a candidate for dental veneers or lumineers.

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