CoolSculpting - fad or here to stay?

Not that I know much about the cosmetic surgery industry, but in other industries it seems that certain products are huge for a short time and then disappear.  Do you think CoolSculpting is a fad that is just the work of incredible marketing? Or does it actually seem to yield strong results that could be made even better with stronger technology in the future?


M, 38, New York

Dear Larry_Magic; I 'love' the Zeltique CoolSculpting non invasive therapies! Why you ask? Because it refers me at least 1 liposuction repair surgery a month to help the many failed patients! HA! The studies, if read in detail, state ONLY 'unto' 25% obtain satisfactory results! THAT is one out of 4 patients. Plus the extended time in months to see acceptable results and of course the $$s wasted. Oh I forgot the potential complications of skin burns, extended swelling, pain, etc. So now you see why I love it - because I get to fix these issues.. Regards Dr B Miami

CoolSculpting is definitely a fad. Before CoolSculpting, there were a ton of other non-invasive fat removal devices and technologies. Even now, there's an abundance of platforms, including SculpSure and a few other newer (supposedly better) non-invasive fat removal technologies coming out. CoolSculpting has been extremely popular because of the amount of direct-to-consumer marketing they have done. Without that, they would be grouped in with the zillion other technologies out there. Don't get me wrong, CoolSculpting works as well as any other non-invasive fat removal technology on the market, but I doubt it will be around 5 years from now.