CoolSculpting or Liposuction

It seems that a lot of people are more inclined to choose CoolSculpting to remove some unwanted fat since it is non-invasive, however I have heard that liposuction yields better results.  I have some excess fat on my flanks that I would like to address.  What is the best procedure to have?


F, 36, Texas

Hi DallasBabe,

Thanks for your question!  Coolsculpting's benefits are that it does not require anesthesia and can be done in the office and may be more affordable than operative liposuction.  Unfortunately, it typically removes about 25% of the fat that traditional liposuction can and may need to be repeated, thus adding to the cost.

In addition, with traditional liposuction, the surgeon has control so he or she can sculpt the shape of your flanks precisely whereas there is no ability to do that with Coolsculpting.

I recommend you be evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon that is familiar with both and discuss your concerns with him or her.

Hope that helps!

Dr. Horowitz

Liopsuction is a much more powerful and guaranteed to give you a predictable result. non-invasive procedures will never be able to achieve a surgical result. That being said cool sculpting is a very good non- invasive fat removal system for patients who are not interested in surgery. We have cool sculpting in our practice and has a very high patient satisfaction. Find a plastic surgeon in your area to discuss the best options for you. Good Luck!

There is no "best" procedure. All depends on your desired results. Liposuction is more predictable, but, ultimately, you need to see a plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

If you want a surgical result then liposuction will be the best option. Non-invasive devices including Sculpsure and Coolsculpting, are effective for the proper patient and good expectations must be set. I offer Sculpsure in my practice and have been happy with the results. As always, you have to pick the right procedure for the right patient. 

While the Coolsculpting can tailor certain areas with multiple treatments, liposuction is more effective at removing the fat at a single setting. The time elapse for the fat destruction with Coolsculpting is efficient but can take upwards of 3 months.CoolSculpting or Liposuction, submitted image.

Liposuction is better, hands down. Liposuction allows the surgeon to selectively remove fat from your problem areas in a controlled fashion. See a BCPS for your care.

Liposuction absolutely allows for more dramatic results than the nonsurgical fat destruction techniques. I personally prefer sculpsure over coolsculpting but both are non-surgical devices that can kill some fat. Liposuction had much more control to remove it from where you want and there's a limit to how much can be removed in a treatment. The advantages are less recovery or no recovery and less pain or no pain.

Dear DallasBabe; Thanks for the Zwivel posting. Best to understand these non invasive therapies take months to see results and still cost equal amounts due to the fact you will need multiple sessions. So expect also pain, swelling, redness, nerve issues. And finally only 25% obtain final results anticipated after at least 3 months. VS liposuction surgery is quick, fast recovery with result in less than 30 days. So you decide! The God Standard is ALWAYS surgery. RegardsDr B