Could I really get rid of my acne with a suntan?

I had moderate acne when I was in my teens (mainly along my hairline and upper back). It sucked but it seemed to disappear before I turned 20. Now I'm perimenopausal and middle-aged and the acne's come back! And it's worse! More painful, more visible and there's been scarring. It's very depressing. The only difference between my teens and now is that I live in a much warmer climate which means there's more sun. I've been careful since moving here but I remember when I was a teen I went to tanning salons several times and it seemed to make a difference. Is this something you'd recommend as a way to manage this acne onset? I also need Vitamin D because of my age and this way I could take on two foes with one blow! Kidding aside, I'd love to know if that's valid and if I really can take care of my acne with a suntan.

Funny you should ask. The UVB radiation in sunlight can actually slow down acne.