Could intense pulsed light treat rosacea?

I'm desperate for help and it's not even for me. My best friend has been battling rosacea since she was a teenager. For the longest time she was using Pro-Activ and it worked really well for her as long as she didn't stop using it. No interruption whatsoever. Unfortunately, she found herself in a position where securing that product was not going to happen and her rosacea returned and remains as bad as always. If I learned that IPL treatments were successful at managing or vanishing rosacea, I would happily pay for her to have those treatments. Please be straight up with me because whatever it can guarantee may be much much better than the alternative and that's invaluable as far as I'm concerned.


F, 31, New York

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IPL or Broad Band Light source therapy is an excellent option for rosacea.  It will require a series of treatments as well as maintenance therapy.