Could my hair loss be from iron deficiency?

I have been experiencing some hair loss. Though I am not yet in full panic mode, if it continues, I will be. I'm 44 and fortunately have had no serious health problems (knock wood) but lately there is no doubt about it I am losing hair. I became a vegetarian two years ago for health reasons and because my perimenopause has begun and I know that soy protein can be beneficial. Last year I tried to donate blood but was told that I didn't have enough iron to spare so I was turned down. That didn't mean I was anemic but it does suggest a problem. Could it be an iron deficiency that is causing my hair loss? I have taken iron supplements in the past and had to stop because my stomach was aching and I felt off. What else could I do to stop the hair loss from getting worse? Also, are there treatments available to help restore what I have lost?


F, 45, California

I recommend seeing a dietician and go over your diet and vitamin levels. Sometimes woman's hair loss is also genetic but there may be ways to help. Good Luck