Crooked Jawline and Chin. Fixes?

What can I do to fix my crooked jawline and chin? 


F, 23, Hawaii

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Most people have some asymmetry between the right and left side of the face.  It's hard to tell from your photo, but a crooked jawline and chin may be improved with fillers to the area.  Depending upon the severity, a chin implant may help as well.  In severe cases, corrective jaw surgery may be necessary.

It's not easy to see the issue in the attached photo but from your description of a "crooked chin," it sounds like you have some degree of facial asymmetry in the chin and lower jaw.

While I can't speak specifically to your case without a personal consultation, there are multiple treatment options available to visually correct this kind of asymmetry.

If the asymmetry is severe, jaw surgery may be necessary. But from your photograph, I would suggest consulting with your plastic surgeon about chin implant options and injectable dermal fillers to visually center the chin.

Always be sure to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon before considering any plastic surgery.

While it's not completely clear from your photograph, you appear to have some facial asymmetry in your chin and lower jaw--as well as some excess soft tissue in the chin. There are multiple treatment options which may help balance your face better and reduce the appearance of your uneven jaw.

One approach to fixing a crooked chin is to perform a sliding genioplasty chin surgery. Typically this procedure is only used for severe cases as less invasive approaches exist.

A sliding genioplasty would give you a more symmetrical face by shifting the chin towards the facial midline. At the same time any irregularity in the jawline is correctable by using a jaw angle implant.

A simpler, and less invasive approach, would be to insert a chin implant to visually center the chin and balance the overall facial appearance. Chin implant surgery is a simple procedure which can be performed under a local anesthetic, and the recovery time is very short.

I can't say which options make the most sense for you without actually examining you myself but I encourage you to seek out an experienced maxillofacial surgeon with expertise in correcting facial asymmetry and performing sliding genioplasty.

From the single photo I can see it appears that you have both some asymmetry and excess soft tissue fullness of the chin.  Correction for this will be surgical, including reshaping of the soft tissue and possibly implants to improve the jawline.

Dermal fillers will help you in this. Areas on the face amenable to correction with dermal fillers include forehead lines, tear troughs under eyes, frown lines, chin and jawline. In addition augmentation of cheeks and lips is very successful by using fillers. The combination with Botulinum Toxin (Botox™ or Dysport™) results in a beautiful and natural Softlift without undergoing invasive surgery.