Crooked nose

I had a rhinoplasty a year and a half ago and I sued my doctor. I was left with an overprotected squared tip, asymmetric nostrils, valve collapse, a bump in the left side of bridge and a severe depression or pit on the right side of the dorso. This bump-depression combo made my nose look very, very crooked. I won and went for revision rhinoplasty with a different professional two months ago. This doctor has a very good the reputation. After the procedure, I can see that the shape of my tip is now more rounded, the asymmetry has improved and I no longer have a bump on the left side of my nose. However, the depression on the right side of the dorso still persists making my nose look crooked.

I have attached pictures of my current state. Can this be cause by swelling? Will that sort of depression persist? If so... How can that be improved? Thank you so much


F, 22, New Hampshire

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