Deadline for breast reconstruction after mastectomy

Last year I had a mastectomy and the doctor gave me another 2 months of radiation treatment after the surgery so I couldn't have an immediate reconstruction. I thought I would accept my body as it is, but I came to the conclusion that I would feel more confident if I reconstructed my right breast. Is there a deadline for having a breast reconstruction after mastectomy? Is a year too late for this procedure? When would be the best time to have breast reconstruction after a mastectomy?


F, 39, Georgia

Thank you for the question and there is no deadline.  So proceed at your own pace but look into the various approaches and become informed what technique might be best for you

Dr Corbin

There's no deadline for breast reconstructions.  Whenever your treatment is finished and you are mentally and physically strong, you should have a consultation with an experienced surgeon to learn about your options.